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Bridal earrings

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Bridal earrings
I often get asked by brides how to find the perfect match between the bridal dress and the bridal earring or hair jewelry and the exact accessories, well I find this very easy to decide!
I just love it when my brides use the wedding jewelry and wedding accessories long after the wedding.
Now let's focus on the Bridal earrings as for the headpieces and other accessories I'll elaborate later on.
In my opinion, it best to find a few options of similar earrings which is most likely to be worn the day after the big day, and than from those, pick what most suitable, to the dress and total look, I mean if you usually go with tiny studs don't go over the top to a big statement extra large chandelier earrings because it is simply not your style. You can go for a bit bigger studs than usual, still dainty and delicate but they'll have much more glam and shine you want to bring to your face.
Always think about a few months later, once you go over the wedding album, don't look back and think of your accessories as a mistake.
Same thing if you usually use dangling earrings you can find something that is a bit more elegant, a touch of shiny crystals but ones you could use after for a bestie wedding or even for going out :)
I'm proud to say that in my shop you can always find the perfect pair of earrings for you, there is a wide range of styles and designs so every bride will find her kind of earrings and that would go with the bride dress.
If the dress has a small cleavage or even long sleeves I would recommend going with shiny studs cluster earrings, or ear jackets that can be statement and slightly big earrings but I think that long earrings will create a busy look and less appropriate for a bride, as against to a delicate dress with wider cleavage that big earrings will do much better
You can always contact me for consultants, by sharing with the me the dress photo I can suggest my opinion :)
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