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Small weddings and hair accessories

Small weddings and hair accessories
While 2020 had changed the world completely and the wedding industry in especially, I have to say looking forward to 2021 I'm reassure that the weddings as we know them, will be bursting to our lives again very soon. But for some, the small weddings trend will remain a leading option, or even to separate the event and have a spiritual intimate ceremony with your most dearest love ones and after celebrate with a bang with everyone else.
Be that as it may the bridal look is the most important thing in my eyes, Which is why I choose to do what I do!
So even for a small venue and amount of guests it doesn't matter, Create the bridal look of your dreams - for the photos and memories and mainly for yourself everything must be perfect.
A few tips:
1. Don't go overboard with heavy statement crown.
2. Be open to changes, If you have to move the event and consider different climate, Or due to another date the hair stylist you wanted isn't available, Or just that you mind had changed regarding the hair style, That's ok! Choose wisely and be happy with your choice :) 
3. A minimal vine A high flexibility wreath is perfect for you as you can use it in more than one occasion - front or back in any hair do or even as a bun holder and with that create an entire different look.
4. And of course for those who like the minimalist look there are small Bobby pins which are also has lots of styles and variations to place the hair clips on the hair do and you can choose how many hair pins you'd like.
5. Be aware in your choices that while planning this small rush wedding you might be interested in a bigger wedding later on so the headpiece you'll choose will be perfect for both.
6. I'm always happy to help as much as I can, weather if needed to rush an order or to consult which jewelry to choose for your dress, or even for local brides I can assist with finding the suppliers they need between DJ's or make up artists hair stylist and wedding photographers.
I think I covered everything but always feel free to contact me
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Happy new and improved 2021 
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COVID-19 & Me

COVID-19 & Me
Those days... Quarantine day # not sure... I know for a fact we will be looking back at this with a better understanding of our lives, our act and decisions. 
But seriously these days when I've become a semi school teacher or a kinder garden teacher / Operator of an open full day restaurant / organizer / attraction inventor / Trying keeping my identity as a Jewelry designer / Wife / Mom... Well I think I'm about to explode! 

I know people are all dealing with part same of my issues and and less than others, and far more difficult ones, and while being so apart from each other this is somehow shows our whole world is so small and I feel global closer to many other countries than I even imagined I can be.

In the middle of our life race without any warning we are all been stroked out by the tiniest virus, A lot of women who'm I admire has wrote before me and probably a lot will write - I find this relaxing and helpful like any other process in my work.

I wish we all remain safe - I can't wait to go beck and meet my beloved brides consult & escort them with the process, and decisions for the perfect match to their big day, Basically I think Covid19 has made me realize exactly just how much I love my job.

Mean while in quarantine I'm working on new collections and new items, I enjoy my craft work and jewelry making I have so much new ideas so it is better to stay tuned here in my mailing list - So join me, or Instagram @danamantzur.bridaljewelry 

I'm having a strong belief this will be over real soon, Stay safe and all the best for you and your love ones 

Virtual hug and elbow high five

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How to Match a Jewelry to Your Bridal Dress

How to Match a Jewelry to Your Bridal Dress

Prepare for your Perfect Wedding!

Here's a Free Guide on how to shine during your wedding by matching your jewelries with your bridal gown!

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Matching Jewelry to your Bridal Dress



My promise to you!

I make every item of my collection with a lot of love and care,I pay attention to every detail. 

You are more than welcome to contact me for any question you may have, I'm always very happy to help.
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Bridal bracelets

Bridal bracelets
A bracelet is a must - In the wedding photos the photographers takes a lot of hands photos from the wedding ceremony or outdoor photo productions and this adds so much, even if it's just a little spark it just gives so much to the entire total look! 
What is best suitable for your wedding dress and style, loads of tips in this blog  Continue reading

Bridal earrings

Bridal earrings

I just love it when my brides use the wedding jewelry and wedding accessories long after the wedding.

Here are my tips of how to choose your perfect jewels 

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Introducing me - Dana Mantzur

Introducing me - Dana Mantzur
Since I was a little girl my real dream and passion for life was to engage  Continue reading